Matt Fehling Wins R/C Pylon Grand Championship at 2014 AMA Nats!

TCRCAM member Matt Fehling won the R/C Pylon Grand Champion trophy at the 2014 AMA Nationals by winning both the Q-500 and Q-40 classes. Matt’s father Jack is also a club member and served as Matt’s pit crew.

Jack Fehling admitted to preparing Matt’s engines, which are Nelson .40’s and doing a significant amount of work preparing his airplanes.

Congratulations to both Matt and Jack!

The AMA news has complete details at http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/071914.pdf


President’s Message

Another year half gone and the good news is that I have very little to report.
In the house keeping department – the carpet is all good except for about 60’ at the East end of the field. We will replace it soon. The road has been graded to remove the “crown” so that drag works better.


All is well with the farm manager and remember “do not go into the plowed fields without permission.”

Jacque and Don do most of the work which makes my job easy.
Take a minute and thank them!
So, fly the pattern and enjoy the best field in Florida!
Finally, we hope to have a fly-in this fall when the “snow birds” return.
Fraternally, Larry.

The FAA is Deciding How to Interpret the Law for Model Aircraft

As most modellers know, the FAA has been trying to determine what a model aircraft is, as opposed to a drone. This has become important in recent years as multi-rotor drones have become practical ways to perform some aerial photography and other tasks.

They have just issued their definition of what a model aircraft is. http://02b954f.netsolhost.com/docs/model_aircraft_spec_rule.pdf. Their definition states that a model airplane is an aircraft that weighs less than 55 pounds at takeoff and is flown within visual range of the operator, for recreational purposes and outside regulated airspace. If any of these conditions are not met, it is not a model and it must be considered a drone that is regulated.

The AMA has initially opposed this definition on the grounds that they are not to be regulated, based on the legislation.  In the end, some negotiation will be required to fine tune the definition.


Larry King pointed out that we need to always pay attention to safety while we are flying and reminded us of the following flight line safety practices:

  1. Pilots must stand in the designated flight stations.
  2. No airplane–regardless of size–shall be flown inside the safety fence.
  3. Please warn other pilots before going beyond the fence onto the flight field.

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